If you are an existing distributor and wish to add New York Minute® Energy Products to your portfolio of products, we can show you how to increase your profits.

If you qualify we will give you an exclusive contract for distribution rights.

We view each country as a separate entity and we will work with you to create a specific marketing plan to increase the market share of New York Minute® energy products in your country. You will find the wholesale cost of New York Minute® energy products to be significantly lower than your cost for the current market leaders. Thus, New York Minute® energy products can be sold to the consumer at an appealingly lower cost – while maintaining a significant profit for you.

For information on how to become a distributor please contact us. 

We are a major manufacturer of energy drinks and therefore can ship product on a global basis. Distributors should research any import / export or local approval requirements prior to placing their orders.

Once an order is approved and placed we will do everything possible to find the most cost effective means of transportation to get you your order on schedule. Please note that we may require a certain minimum order size to fill a container or half container.