Why choose New York Minute?

New York Minute® uses crystalline fructose as its sweetener.
Doctors recommend crystalline fructose over all others because:

* It’s the slowest burning sugar available
* It will not produce a sugar high then low
* It’s the only sugar that does not produce insulin in your body

Additionally, New York Minute® has American ginseng, an adaptogen, a substance that strengthens the body, helping it return to normal when it has been subjected to prolonged stress. Therefore, adaptogens are considered to be valuable supports for those recovering from illness or surgery, especially the elderly. The root of American ginseng is light tan and gnarled, sometimes resembles the human body. Panax means all illness, and ginseng has been used across the ages in many different cultures as a “cure-all.”

Belt2New York Minute® was developed in 2003. It is a new and greatly improved version of a previous energy drink.

The slightly fizzy and sweet ginger-ale colored drink has a very unique taste similar to black cherry soda and another mysterious hint of another flavor with the added benefits of vitamins.

Infused with Vitamins B-6 and B-12, folic acid, ginseng and guarana, New York Minute® also contains L-carnitine, an amino acid-like substance that enhances ones lifestyle. It is an energy drink formulated for the person on the go with an active lifestyle looking for a stronger energy burst – all for you to enjoy in a New York Minute……fast, very fast.

New York Minute® manufactures in the USA

In 2006, New York Minute® manufactured in New Jersey, sold in excess of three million cases in the United States, Israel and Mexico. New York Minute® has the capacity to produce in excess of five hundred thousand cases per month or more with increased shift time.